Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Christmas already

Despite dragging my heels in an attempt to not ruin the festive magic I made a start on my xmas stock back in September.
Here is a peek at the first lot of JoTanyo xmas decs. Xmas trees, scrummy xmas puds and pretty hearts, the latter when taken out of a festive context will still look sweet all year round! Bargain.

My next stall will be.....

I'll be here selling all the usual goodies plus some very special bits and bobs for xmas.
Designers Marketplace always has an amazing selection of stalls, so i suggest you skip the high street and do all you xmas shopping here.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Designers Marketplace Leeds

Here is a picture of my stall on Saturday. The day went really well and I sold lots of different bits and pieces. On the whole the best seller was the baby clothes i've just started making. It was the first stall that i'd sold them at and people really seemed to like them. Which is always nice.
Thanks to Heather for coming and helping me all day, I doubt I would have sold as much without her smiling face there.