Sunday, 31 October 2010

Lavender Bags

I finished these tiny Lavender Bags last night. The fabric came from an Ikea dolly's blanket that my big sister sent me. She has asked me to make a new blanket for Evie's play cot as she was a bit uninspired by the one from Ikea. So I've started to make Evie a blanket to match her bunting and thought the Ikea fabric could have a new lease of life and be recycled into something I can sell.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Buy my stuff ont'internet

I've got a shop on Folksy.
It's growing slowly and steadily.
I find it difficult to sit in front of the computer for hours adding items.
I'll get there eventually x

Busy again.

I've moved house and my studio has moved with me.
Although my studio space has downsized a little, it's still as busy as ever in the lead up to Christmas.
I'm currently on with a whole new batch of baby clothes and Momma Tanyo is busy crocheting pram and dolly blankets ready for all the Xmas stalls.
As well as doing several little stalls in the area I'm planning an open house one afternoon/evening for everyone I know to have the chance to buy some JoTanyo gifts and homeware.
But the stall I am most excited about  is Designers Market Place on 28th November at Middlesbrough Town Hall.
There will be over 40 different stalls there and they always play plenty of Christmas tunes to get you in a festive mood. I can't wait! See you there x